Insta Feels Shoots - Rooms Selections

Below are the current rooms available to shoot in during my INSTA FEELS shoots at Kre8tive Freedom.

These are also examples of how my final edits for these rooms turn out, if you are after a different editing style please discuss this with me well in advance of your shoot (or even before booking if you can as it may be that I'm not the right photographer for you).

These are my personal views and opinions on these rooms based on the way I like to shoot. Use this info as much or as little as you like. I have put a 'beginner friendly' note on certain rooms as a lot of my clients that shoot here are very nervous about posing.

My personal ranking is also noted (although this tends to change based on my mood!), it may help you make your choices. My ranking also just means what I'm most excited and inspired shooting in.

If you have any further questions about the rooms feel free to send me an email or DM :)


(Beginner friendly)

This baby is brand new! One of the newly renovated sets but already one of my faves.

The whole set is covered in fake grass (so please be careful in your heels ladies!!). There's a plinth that we can use to help with posing ideas.

We can do both full length and portrait shots.

This room ranks no.1 on my personal faves list.


(Beginner friendly)

She's brand spankin new and I'm bloody excited!

This is the largest set at the studio. I think in this room we'll be able to get the most varied shots so if you're after lots of content this is the one. There's the washing machines which I obviously need someone to hurry up and do a front split on! There's also then 2 corners, one with a neon 'error' sign and the other with a silver telephone.

This set will be mostly black and I will add in some pops of blue and pink colour against the wall. We can also shoot it without the additional coloured lights.

This room ranks no.3 on my personal faves list.


(Beginner friendly)

WOW WOW WOW this room is hot! It gives off both gothic and sexy vibes. Again one of the newest sets that I can't wait to play around in more. Please pick this one :P

This room is mostly made up of the bed. We can also use the walls for different closer up shots. We can also shoot you from above on the bed.

We can do both full length and portrait shots.

This room ranks no.2 on my personal faves list.


(Beginner friendly)

Probably the most popular set at the moment. 

It gives off bad bitch vibes. To make these shots next level you'll need to bring some attitude!

There's heaps to play with in here with the money bench, the TV that is hooked up to a security camera in the room and of course the money on the floor!

We can do both full length shots and also portraits.

This room ranks no.4 on my personal faves list.


Another newbie the outcome of this set is very different to the last TV set. The images will have a darker mood to let the neon's pop. You'll also be lit with white light as opposed to colours.

There are a few pieces that we can pick up and move to sit on and they're all a lot more sturdy that the last one.

Again in this set I feel like a strong attitude and interesting pose is what will make the photos!

This room ranks no.5 on my personal faves list.


There's 2 sides to this room. There's the black wall with the neon lights which we can shoot front on. There's also the sequin wall which looks sick once edited and my preference is to shoot front on against this wall. We can also shoot from and angle and get both sides in.

With no props in this room it can be a little difficult if you haven't had a look at my insta for posing ideas. Please come prepared for the best outcomes.

We can do both full length and portrait shots.

This room ranks no.6 on my personal faves list.


YOU CANNOT DO TRICKS IN THIS SET (sorry for the caps but I'm getting way too many messages about this)

YAY for a pole BUT! Don't get too excited. Tricks really aren't practical (or safe) to do. There is very little room to move around in this set. We can obviously touch/lean against the pole but as far as tricks go it will just be simple mounts that you must get into without jumping as it's a pressure mounted pole!

This room is suggested for those who have done shoots before as there are very little props and room to work with. If you are not comfortable coming up with poses I would strongly suggest picking another room.

It's a fun concept and if you have the right styling for it we can definitely get that gram-worthy shot.

Due to large amount of editing that is needed around the box this set may not be available for the GRAM-WORTHY edits package. Colour only edits will only be done if the photo can be cropped down so you cannot see the studio space outside of the box.

This room ranks no.7 on my personal faves list.